Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Merry Maladies

A part of the following was played on last week's Genetic Memory radio program (KTRU-FM), which kinda explains why the record label info is included in the track listing this time around. Otherwise, it's two hours of sonic self-medication.

The Wardrobe "Rural Murders" A Sandwich Short [Tursa]
Sunn O))) "NN O)))" 00 Void [Rise Above]
Kluster "Klopfzeichen (Part Two)" Klopfzeichen [Water]
Tones on Tail "Slender Fungus" Everything! [Beggars Banquet]
Dead City Rituals "V" I-VI [Krimljud]
Ulver "Funebre" Shadows of the Sun [The End]
Illusion of Safety "Dead Girl and the Man (Trunk of the Car Over the Weekend)" More Violence and Geography [Complacency]
Chop Shop "Hot Box" Steel Plate [RRR]
Xasthur "Morder Gjenklang Av Tankegangen" Defective Epitaph [Hydra Head]
Nordvargr "Pyrrhula One" Pyrrhula [Cold Spring]
Stephen O'Malley and Z'ev "6m 7a From 36s From 6m 53s - 7m 227s - 34 Track Submix" Magistral [Southern Lord]
Ben Reynolds "Cracks Swoon Moon" Outmospheric Arts of the Outmosphere [Digitalis]
Nortt "Glemt" Hedengang [Southern Lord]
Sikhara "Cyclades" Bardos State [URCKarm Recordings]
Monument of Urns "Absence" Absence [Hand Hewn Timbre]
MortArt "Petting to the Dead" Green Death [Imbecil Records]
Zdzdis Beks "Zonie" Sub Figura [OLN]
Animus "Untitled" Hallucinations [Ars Magna]
O Yuki Conjugate "Savannah Nocturne - Remaining Darkness" Primitive [Staalplaat]
The Young Gods "Iwasi" Music for Artificial Clouds [Intoxygene]
White Rainbow "For Terry" Prism of the Eternal Now [Kranky]
Fartein Valen "Lied Ohne Worte" The Eternal [Rune Grammofon]

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