Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Midsummer Malaise

In order of appearnce:

Andrew Liles "Part II" The Dying Sumbariner
Coil + ELpH "Zwolf" Zwolf (20' to 2000 December)
Ode "Door donkere wouden" Schimmenwoud
Nurse With Wound "The Funktion of the Hairy Egg" Huffin' Rag Blues
Final "Untitled 5" Guitar + Bass Improvisations
Disjecta "Gyric" Looking for Snags
Mark Van Hoen "Vessel of Flight" The Last Flowers from the Darkness
Lieutenant Caramel "Were It Hurt to You" The Pandora's Box
Zoviet France "Publis Service Announcement" What Is Not True
Omit "The Screw" Interior Desolation"
Coil "Here to Here (Double Headed Secret)" Unnatural History
Von Thronstahl "Sturmzeit" Imperium Internum
Machinefabriek "Wintervacht" Weleer
Anton Bruhin "Alpine Blues" Vom Goldabfischer

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