Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Surely, Temple Black?

Last night's Genetic Memory playlist on ktru.org.

Cold Fusion "Report III" Sonctrum Act I [War Office Propaganda]
Sturmovik "Der Toten Ruhe" Feldwiehe [Tesco Organization]
M.T.T. "Loud Goddes In A Thousand Za Za" Caught From Behind [Minus Habens]
Caul And Kirchenkampf "The Abyss Will Appear Among Your People" Sleep Night Death [Malignant]
Waldchengarten "Parasite" The Leech [Drone]
Toroidh "Europe Is Dead, Part Five" European Trilogy [War Office Propaganda]
Mirror "Untitled" Nightwalkers [Robot]
Sinke Dus "Acedia" Akrasia [Cyclic Law]
Heid "Untitled" Pilgrim Of The Sublunary World [Cold Meat Industry]
Waldron "Stapleton "Sigmarsson "Haynes "Fulhaber "A Bottomless Black Eye" The Sleeping Moustache [Helen Scarsdale Agency]
The Whispers Of Faraway Moons "Second" Two Sunrises [Handmade]
Zoviet France "Angelus" Esotre [Charrm]
Sunn O))) "Orakulum" Oracle [Southern Lord]
Abruptum "Casus Luciferi" Casus Luciferi [Blooddawn]
Current 93 "Ach Golgotha [Remix]" Nature Unveiled [Duturo]
Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk "Talamus" I End Forever [Horch]
Desiderii Marginis "A Pace Away: The Core Of Hell" And Even Wolves Hid Their Teeth [Darkwave]
John Duncan "The Immense Room" Klaar [Extreme]
KTL "Estranged" KTL [Editions Mego]
Voice Of Eye "Untitled" Transmigration [Cyclotron]
Christoph Heemann "Bounds Of Distance" Invisible Barrier [Extreme]
Fennesz "The Stone Of Impermanence" Venice [Touch]
Mika Vainio "He Was A Sound Sometimes" In The Land Of The Blind One-Eyed Is King [Touch]
Nurse With Wound "Astral Dustbin Dirge" Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains [Jnana]

Click here to download the first two hours....

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