Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Macross Ace Frontier Controls

D-Pad: Direction
Analog Nub Up: Fighter Mode
Left/Right: GERWALK Mode
Down: Battleroid Mode
Square: Fire main weapon
Triangle: Melee
O: Special weapon
X: Boost (Fighter), Boost UP (GERWALK), Jump/boost-up (Battleroid)
L: Defend
R: Lock-on/Change Lock
L + R: Cancel Lock-on
L + Square: Switch Special Weapon
L + Triangle: Charged Melee (uses 1 block on SP Gauge)
L + Circle: Charged Special Weapon (uses 1 block on SP Gauge)
L + Boost: Charged Boost (uses 1 block on SP Gauge)
Square + X: Special Skill (equipped in Hangar) (uses SP Gauge based on skill description)
Triangle + O: SP Attack (SPA for short, effect depends on the unit) (uses 3 blocks on SP Gauge)
L + Triangle + O: Team SP Attack (gets partner to do SPA with you) (uses 6 blocks on SP Gauge)
Select + D-Pad: Tells partner to correspond to what the bottom part of the screen says.
Dpad = movement
Double tap any direction = dash in that direction
Analogue Nub = Transformation
Nub UP = Fighter
Nub DOWN = Mech mode
Triangle = Melee
Square = Machine Gun/Weapon 1
Circle = Weapon 2 (missiles, beam guns etc)
X = Boost

SQUARE + CIRCLE = Machine special attack. Varies from machine to machine. But basically the same types of attacks as found in the Gundam Battle series. Uses SP, usually a bar.

SQUARE + X = Pilot special ability. As you progress in the game, your pilot gains new skills which are equip able in the hanger options. When you choose your pilot, theres the option of pressing Square, which allows you to set skills you have already unlocked. Using skills will deplete SP, varies by skill.

R trigger = Target enemy. Press again to switch targets
L Tirgger = Guard
L + R trigger = cancel target
Ltrigger + Circle = special shots (missile barrages etc, will use SP)
Ltrigger + SQUARE = switch weapon 2

Holding Circle whilst MISSILE M is in use will allow you to lock on to multiple targets at once and fire off a salvo. Number of lock ons are dependent upon the level of tuning points you've allocated to the Missile M.

Pressing and then Holding Triangle whilst in Fighter mode will initiate a melee attack and then if you continue to hold Triangle after the attack finishes, you can charge up a second attack.

The Tuning menus are, mostly, the same as those in Gundam Battle Universe, so a quick look at the FAQ there should suffice for your tuning translation needs.

In Gerwalk mode, tap/hold X to go up. Double tap/hold X to go down.

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