Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Word "Architect" Used As A Verb

Here's a mix from a number of years ago, back when indie hadn't become synonymous (in my mind at least) with emo and when Fatboy Slim was the reigning king of the charts. Overseas air travel still sucked, even though 9/11 wouldn't have taken place for another year or so, and I could navigate my way around London's West End and Soho and hit every major record shop without relying too heavily on the A-Z. Filesharing had mastered the art of potty training, and the ones in the know were swapping like crazy on this thing called Napster.

The title comes from our half of an extended phone conversation we'd overheard on a train from York to London, in which a particularly posh individual exhorted that the word "architect" is categorically NOT a verb. Very British.

Anyhow, the track listing has been abraded to a blank slate by the scouring winds of time, but from memory I would guess the following groups and artists being represented: Sonovac, Broadcast, Primal Scream, To Rococo Rot, Birdie, Wire, John Cunningham, Gimmik, Ko-Wreck Technique, Friendly Science Orchestra, and the Beastie Boys as rearranged by Norman Cook.

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