Monday, September 6, 2010

A Mix: a 70 minute mp3 file

Demiurg "Sorrow," Vanden Plas "Frequency," Tyrael "Throne of God," Darkthrone "Eyes Burst At Dawn," Avsky "The Sickness Within," Pensees Nocturnes "Eros," Iron Maiden "The Alchemist," Chthonic "Spell of Setting Sun-Mirror," Gloria Morti "Awakening Of A Discordan Machine," Astriaal "The Scars of Aberration," Teitanblood "Qliphotic Necromancy," Wombbath "Beyond The Gloomy," Ortagos "The Wall Of Galaxies," Xasthur "Obeyers of their own Deaths," Black Funeral "Undead Hunger," Nidingr "Reginsmol"

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