Friday, October 12, 2012

Featuring Planetarity

Originally broadcast on as part of the Genetic Memory program, this hour-long mix combines 70's German electronic and kraut/prog rock with more recent experimental/improv/drone pieces. This version of the mix includes parts of "Planetarity as a Way of Life" by Dr. Richard Dienst of Rutgers University, speaking at the conference Trespasses: The Future of the Humanities, a tribute to Masao Miyoshi.

Embryo "Dirge" (Rocksession)
Matthew Shaw "Goetheanum I" (Goetheanum)
Edgar Froese "Panorphelia" (Aqua)
Bruckmann / Diaz-Infante / Shiurba / Stackpole "The Final D In Grand Is Not Pronounced" (Grand Mal)
Deuter "The Key" (Aum)
Kitaro "Beat" (Ten Kai)
Thomas Koner "3" (Novaya Zemlya)
Kraftwerk "Ananas Symphonie" (Ralf & Florian)
Mika Vainio "Magnetosense" (Fe3O4 Magnetite)
Rick Reed "Hidden Voices Pt. 1" (The Way Things Go)
Amon Duul "Paramechanische Welt" (Paradieswarts Duul)
Guru Guru "Immer Lustig" (Kanguru)
Ingenting Kollektiva "Part One" (Fragments of Night)

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