Friday, June 27, 2008

A Mix for June, Part One

In order of appearance:

Nachtmystium "Assassins" Assassins
Satyricon "Live Through Me" My Skin Is Cold
Krypt "Death Satan Black Metal 1" Preludes to Death
Ancestors Blood "Reign of Terror" Return of the Ancient Ones
Bahimiron "Blood of Sodom" In Allegiance with Self Wreckage
Marduk "Dreams Of Blood And Iron" Nightwing
Darkspace "Dark 3.15" Darkspace III
Fen "The Gales Scream of Loss" Ancient Sorrow
Deathcult "Man of Kutu" The Cult of the Dragon
Gorgoroth "Possessed (By Satan)" True Norwegian Black Metal
Elimi "Skral" Summoned from Ashes
Yngizarm "Burying in the River of Peace" Siming of Loulan
Sapthuran "Sylvan Winter Madrigal" The Wanderer
Pentemple "Pazuzu II" O))) Presents...
Reverorum Ib "Den swenska Gudstjensten" Likpredikan
Arckanum "Gava Fran Trulen" Trulen
Khold "Rekviem" Hundre Ar Gammal

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