Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Mix for June, Part Two

In order of appearance:

Bohren un der Club of Gore "Schwarzer sabbat für dean martin" Schwarzer Sabbat für Dean Martin
Maja Ratkje "Wintergarden" River Mouth Echoes
Nordvargr "Exit Cult, Enter Hell" Helvete
Coil "Magnetic North" Moon's Milk
March of Heroes "Our Last Hope (Act 2)" Scontrum Act VIII
Lull "Like a Slow River" Like a Slow River
The Hafler Trio "Untitled" Redintegrate
Organum "Voice Of the Angel" Volume One
Nocturno Culto "Battlehorns" The Misanthrope
Marching Runes "Vksi Mieli. Vksi Kieli" Scontrum Act IV
Elimi "Förgöraren, Förslavaren" Summoned from Ashes
Skald "Lindormen" I en Svunnen Tid
Furze "Reaper" Furze
SoiSong "Soijin No Hai" qXn94
Robin Storey and Victor Nubla "Quiet Humankind" About Breathing
Brigitte and the Hansen Experience "Bass Illusionen (Hansen Over Europe)" Frau Hansen Am Bass
Panzar "Hospitalium" Pratopon
Cold Fusion "Report III" Scontrum Act I
Blood of the Black Owl "Uwwalo" Blood of the Black Owl
Half Japanese "Shanty Town" We Are They Who Ache with Amorous Love

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