Sunday, June 29, 2008

Third/Final Mix for June

In order of appearance:

Kluster "Eruption (Part One)" Eruption
Nordvargr and Drakh "Vessel" The Betrayal of Light
The Legendary Pink Dots "It Doesn't Matter Anyway" The Poppy Variations
Dense Vision Shrinke "Unwinding the Inside" Lost Time in Oblivion
Coil "MU-UR" Astral Disasters
Raymond Scott "Little Miss Echo" Soothing Sounds for Baby, Volume 3
Les Jumeaux Discordants "Le Destin" Les Jumeaux Discordants
Grand Salvo "Three Cats Watch" The Temporal Wheel
Kreuzer "Untitled" Noises of Independence
Vinterriket "Zeit-Los_Laut-Los" Zeit-Los_Laut-Los
Current 93 "A Dream of the Inmost Light (For Christoph Heemann)" Foxtrot
Omit "NanoPut" Rejector
Nordvargr + Drakh + Klier "Part One" The Less You Know, the Better
Nazi UFO Commander "Ahnenerbe LD" Radiant Entropie
Nurse With Wound "Think Jazz, Think Punk Attitude" Foxtrot
Walter Ruttmann "Production Memory Remix" Weekend Remix
Nothvs Filivs Mortis "Liber III: De Son Âme Dérodée..." The Oran Mor Trilogy
Dead Raven Choir "Red Sky At Morning" Death to Dead Wolves
Gas "Zauberberg IV" Nah Und Fern

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