Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December's Dreary Tale of Dread, Doom, and Hot Milk Toddy

Kriegsfall-U "Porta Heroum"
Jacob Kirkegaard "Labyrinthitis"
Lustmord "Godeater"
Coil "I Am The Green Child"
P16.D4 "Ekstase Des Sozialismus"
Arditi and Toroidh "IV"
Machinefabriek and Stephen Vitiello "Field Recordings, Rocks, Speakers"
The Legendary Pink Dots "Part 3"
Fennesz "Black Sea"
Main "X"
Loop "Fade Out Guitar Loop IV"
The Shuttered Door "A Distant Horizon"
Lurker of Chalice "VI"
Jotunspor "Svartalvheims Djup"
Nurse With Wound "Track 2"
V:28 "Dead Men's Choir [Remixed by Desiderii Marginis]"
Roedelius "Eis im Stundenglas (2)"
Rukkanor "The Dead"
O Yuki Conjugate "Transcontinental"
Leviathan "Shimmering with Horn of Woe"

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