Monday, January 19, 2009

March Mix

Brighter Death Now "Soul In Flames" Necrose Evangelicum
Stielhandgrante "Herr General ist nicht kaput" Military - Fetish - Muzak
Converter "In Ruins..." Exit Ritual
Flint Glass "Slither Chaos" Nyarlathotep
Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk "Portrait Of A Cardinal" Four Studies For a Human Portrait
Tor Lundvall and Tony Wakeford "They Rise To War" Autumn Calls
Nightbringer "Of Silence and Exsanguination" Death And The Black Work
Dead Raven Choir "A Canticle to the Waterbirds" Death To Dead Wolves
Celer "The Separation Of The Two-Phased" Discourse Of The Withered
Backworld "Lullaby Land" Of Silver Sleep
Hammemit "Spires Over The Burial Womb" Spires Over The Burial Womb
Toroidh "Europe Is Dead III" European Trilogy
Urauschwitz "Gravitatiohnmacht" Zirkuszerfall
Andrew Liles "Beef Tub" Black Market
Letum "Sealed with No Belief" The Entrance To Salvation"
Nordvargr "Pyrrhula Two" Pyrrhula
Throbbing Gristle "Brighton Polytechnic" TG24
Scorn "Flap (Part 2)" Greetings From Birmingham
Coil "Beige" Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil
Whitehouse "Active Force" New Britain
Randy Greif "Serpent" Alice In Wonderland
Edward Ka-Spel "Threshhold" Dream Logik Part One
Nazi UFO Commander "Ahnenerbe LD" Radiant Entropie
Deutsch Nepal "Golden Sea Babtism" Dystopian Partycollection
Jacob Kirkegaard "Church" 4 Rooms
Annea Lockwood "Lauingen to Weltenburg" A Sound Map Of The Danube
Caul & Kirchenkampf "We Enter Fire Imbibed" Sleep - Night - Death
Blood Box "Far Side Of The Sun" The Iron Dream
Maeror Tri "Philemon" Meditamentum II
Islaja "Suru ei" Ulual Yyy
HNAS "Gurka" The Book Of Dingenskirchen
Mimir "Untitled" Mimir 3
Der Blutharsch "XI" Everything Is Alright

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