Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Mix: a 70 minute mp3 file

70+ minutes of Cookie Monsters and larangytic Popeyes: Anaal Nathrakh "Incipid Flock", Black Funeral "Vukolak", Brutal Truth "Collateral Damage", Catacomb "Innomable Ones", Centaurus "Endymion", Demiurg "Virtual Machine", Dew-Scented "Arise From Decay", The Haunted "Little Cage (Live)", Kataklysm "Blind Savior", Keep Of Kalessin "Judgment", Knights of the Abyss "Deceiver's Creed", Burn The Priest "Suffering Bastard", Limbonic Art "Astral Projection", Napalm Death "You Suffer", Nightfall "The Thirty Tyrants", Severe Torture "Endless Strain Of Cadavers", Tauthr "Hope", Tauthr "Leave", Wombbath "Prevent Anemia", 1349 "Psalm 7:77"

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