Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Mix/Mash: a 90 minute vbr mp3 file

Olivia Block and Kyle Bruckmann "I", Mirror "A Pilgrim's Solace", Tex La Homa "Driebergen-Zeist", Cube Of Force "Wand of Negation", Susan Matthews "The Age Of Hills", Alistair Crosbie "Behind My Door", Brian Lavelle "Just A Song At Twilight Part II", Coh "STARLUST vs E mc^2", Wounds "Under the Ice", Agalloch "They Escaped the Weight of Darkness", Inner Lights "Longing For Time ('Long Long Time' Remixed by BotM')", Supersilent "10.9", Nadja "Chapter 8", Cindytalk "Multiple Landings", Andrew Paine and Richard Youngs "Silver Highway Dragon", Monument Of Urns "Blaspheme", Jim Haynes "Severed", Andrew Paine "Lift Into My Hands"

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