Friday, August 31, 2012

He looked a bit Canterburyish to me...

Kind of a random pick of odd-end tracks associated with the "Canterbury Sound" (with one major exception), glued together with excerpts of more contemporary, experimental pieces. Lots of dive-bombing keyboard, sax, and guitar solos, as to be expected.

Mori (Extract) By Christian Fennesz
Earthrise By Camel
Kokka 3 (Extract) By John Duncan, Cosey Fanni-Tutti And Chris Carter
Halfway Between Heaven And Earth By Hatfield And The North
Gray Equidae (Extract) By Slant Azymuth
Driving To Amsterdam By Khan
Reap (Extract) By Atrium Carceri
Germ Patrol By Egg
Severance (Extract) By Andrew Paine
Dreams Wide Awake By National Health
C'Thlu Thlu By Caravan
Gershatzer By Atomic Rooster
Im Windkanal By Moebius + Tietchens
Knesiotherapy (Extract) By Andrew Liles
Master Builder By Gong
Untitled By Non

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