Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mix: 2012.09

An hour of proggy, cosmic sonic exploration (with two melded temporal expositions of K. Schulze and E. Froese), tethered in the 70's and the current decade, with your daily dose of Roedelius (and Eno). In order of appearance:

Van Der Graaf Generator "Colossus" (Alt)
Guru Guru "The Girl From Hirschhorn" (Dance of the Flames)
The Cosmic Jokers "Interplay Of Forces" (Sci Fi Party)
Kraftwerk "Morgenspaziergang" (Autobahn)
Ashra "Deep Distance" (New Age Of Earth)
Qluster "Wurzelwelt" (Fragen)
Brian Lavelle "I swam until the afternoon had gone..." (The Night Ocean)
Andrew Paine "The Controller: The Mercurians Have Come" (Sky Station Z4 First Contact)
Robert Fripp and Brian Eno "The Heavenly Music Corporation" (No Pussyfooting)
Klaus Schulze "Satz- Gewitter (Energy Rise - Energy Collaps)" (Irrlicht)
Tangerine Dream "Origin of Supernatural Probabilities" (Zeit)
Cluster & Eno "Ho Renomo" (Roedelius: Works (1968-2005))

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