Monday, December 10, 2012

The Other Christmas Ham, Part One

Far from any kind of a "best of," but a very brief sampling of odd-end bits and pieces from the massive CMI discography. A bit of dark chill while waiting for the summer weather to finally go away here in the moist, warm armpit of the Gulf Coast.

In Slaughter Natives "Invocation" Sacrosancts Bleed
IRM "In Celebration of the Untouched" Oedipus Dethroned
Dahlia's Tear "Dreamescape (Liquid Chamber)" Dreamsphere
Brighter Death Now "Evisceration" Greatest Death
Desiderii Marginis "Beyond Retrieval" Deadbeat
Mz 412 "Ritual: Summ Nv 41:2:4" Domine Rex Infernum
Sephiroth "R'lyeh" The Absolute Supper
Rome "Nachtklang" Masse Mensch Material
Atrium Carceri "Observatory" Ptahil
Arcana "Dark Age of Reason" Dark Age of Reason

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