Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Other Christmas Ham, Part Two (The Ice Preserves)

Now that the much ballyhoo'd "cold front" has come through town, here's the second half of the "random picks from the Cold Meat Industry catalog" mix. It looked like the label was on hiatus for a while, returning in 2012 with a number of new releases; however, some of the "old guard" had also put out albums this year on other labels. Anyway, another hour of clammy darkness.

 Atrium Carceri and Eldar "The Vault" (Sacrosanct)
Desiderii Marginis "Silent Messenger" (Procession)
Raison D'etre "Disowned Before The Angels Of God" (When The Earth Dissolves In Ashes)
Atrium Carceri "Knowledge Of The Few" (Reliquiae)
Beyond Sensory Experience "Locating Imaginary Events In Real Places" (Modern Day Diabolist)
Eldar "Self" (The Secret Golden Flower)
Sophia "In Slow Movements" (Compilation for a Cat)
Atrium Carceri "Debt" (Void)
Dahlia's Tear "Carousel Of The Headless Horses" (Dreamsphere)
Arcana "The Fading Shadow" (As Bright As A Thousand Suns)
In Slaughter Natives "Still With a Cocktail" (Compilation for a Cat)

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