Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Back from the void, back into the void....

Two hours of ambient experiments, some bits dreamy, other bits darker, and some skimming the abyss. The soundtrack for my naps of late. In order of appearance:

Maja Ratkje "Crepuscular Hour Part 1" (Crepuscular Hour)
Colin Andrew Sheffield and James Eck Rippie "1" (Essential Anatomies)
Tara Jane O'Neil "Medusa Smack" (Split LP with Eleh)
Christian Fennesz and Jim O'Rourke "Wouldn’t Wanna Be Swept Away" (It's Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry)
Le Révélateur "Imagineers Are Governed" (Hyper)
Spiritualized "Symphony Space" (Lazer Guided Melodies)
Ekin Fil "Vapors" (Being Near)
Matthew Revert and Vanessa Rossetto "Minor Ox" (Earnest Rubbish)
Claire M Singer "Solas" (Solas)
Kluster "Aktion 4 04" (Klusterstrasse 69-72)
Suzanne Ciani "Concert at WBAI Free Music Store" (Buchla Concerts 1975)
Egisto Macchi "La Notte Nel Deserto" (Il Deserto)
Sonic Youth "Ambient Guitar & Dreamy Theme" (Spinhead Sessions)
Wanda Group "A Bag Of Warm Milk" (Central Heating)
Benoit Pioulard "Madrigal" (Radial)
Ø "Kesämaa / Summerland" (Kantamoinen)
Henrik Nordvargr Björkk and Margaux Renaudin "Maladia Skandinavia" (Anima Nostra)
Andrew Chalk / Ralf Wehowsky / Eric Lanzillotta "Wycha" (Yang-Tul)

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